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Polonēe Distillery eCommerce Website

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Polonēe Distillery eCommerce Website

When the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world it shook several industries and small businesses to their core. The craft beverage industry was no exception and many of these breweries and distilleries opted to pivot and use their equipment to produce alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Such was the case for Poloneee Distillery in St. Catharines, purveyors of the much loved Kannūk Vodka, a handcrafted Polish vodka produced using ingredients representative of Canada’s diverse culture.

Apart from simply creating a website to sell hand sanitizer, we used this opportunity to create an online space where this client could promote and sell their entire spirit lineup as well as a portal allowing their customers to book and pay for tours of their facilities once local restrictions were lifted.

The end result is a beautiful eCommerce experience for this local, craft distiller.




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