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Cannabis Dispensary Retail Design

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Cannabis Dispensary Retail Design

There’s a new face coming to Dundas West in Toronto and his name is Nuggy. He’s a little bit hippy, a little bit G and all stoner. The Nug Co. will be opening it’s doors on February 1st, 2022 and our client, purveyors of fine cannabis products wanted a brand and a storefront that would set them apart from the ocean of cannabis dispensaries flooding downtown Toronto.

We began by thinking outside of the proverbial box when it came to the brand. We developed a mascot aptly named ‘Nuggy’ to provide a friendly face to the brand while giving us greater versatility to play with the brand and create fun marketing scenarios with our character. Nuggy also contributed to much of the wall art you’ll see on the interior of the shop.


Speaking of the interior which had to be both warm and welcoming as well as completely compliant with all retail regulations pertaining to cannabis dispensaries you’ll notice a check in area, ample product display and storage areas, a merch area and the point-of-sale of course.

Keep an eye out for Nuggy getting into trouble around DuWest, on Social and on the new website launching soon.


Dundas West, Toronto



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